I have been lingering a bit with this writing. I had a couple of rough months since my mom passed away, and i have been a bit off my center dealing with the emotions that come and go without notice.

The one thing that always makes me happy are trees.. There is something about them,  the color green always relaxes  me. And the smell of the leaves, more if it has rained. But something i started doing is when I feel uneasy sad or stressed, I go and lay just underneath one. The feeling of having your back connected to the earth and then looking up to the sky through the leaves, its one of the most grounding and relaxing experiences..

So here is my tip: you don’t need much time only 5 to 10 minutes its all you need find a tree near you that you can access when you are having a stressful day, or sad day or just one of those days.. lay down on the grass, trust me nothing will happen with your clothes and a whole lot will happen with your soul. Breath, look up to the sky and just feel the earth embracing you.. Its one of the most relaxing things you can do. The feeling of being grounded is a gift that mother nature gives us, please don’t waste it..

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