Leaping into a Joy Filled Life!

How did I get here today? The Universe has such an  interesting way of showing me which way to go. I’ve been teaching my dance classes for over 22 years in Los Angeles, but in the last few years my dance has also been intertwined with the life lesson that I have been learning along the way.

I  realized that dance and life are almost the same thing. How people listen to the music and how they tackle the choreography is the same way of how we see what is happening in life. People freak out usually  before starting to move or learn the steps.. It is exactly what happens when something is happening in our life, before we even give ourselves a chance to figure out, we freak out, we get stressed and we shut down.. In dance it takes many many repetitions in order to get it right. My Dad used to say 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration, We have become such a drive thru society all fast, all now, no hard work, no figuring it out.

I am excited to start this New Chapter in my Life. It has been quite a ride so far. I have so much to tell all of you and can’t wait to share my crazy stories… Trust me I have so many.. I am excited to see how far my voice can be heard and excited to reach the world outside My Dance World..

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