IRENE RUBINSKY - Founder of Living A Joy Filled Life

Certified Life Coach ~ C.L.C.

C.L.C. Certified Life Coach

Born in Argentina, Irene pursued a career in Psychology.  But, after 3 years she shifted her direction to focus on her passion for dance and fitness coaching.  In a bold move she relocated to Los Angeles California in 1991.

Her efforts paid off and within a short period Irene was appointed the United States Competitive Aerobic Coach. Through her skillful guidance the team found victory winning Gold numerous times.

During this period Irene traveled to Europe as the coach of the Denmark athletes. Once again the team achieved top awards winning the Gold. It was then Irene realized how easily she could inspire, guide and keep athletes consistently focused on winning in their sport.

Irene continues to have an amazing career.  With her passion for dance she not only teaches and motivates people to learn how to dance, but to also enthusiastically express the feeling behind the music.

In her continual growth as a coach she became part owner of one of Los Angeles’ top dance studios.  From there Irene became the Group Exercise Director for a prominent fitness corporation where she managed 200 instructors. In this capacity she once again met great success creating programs to inspire the instructors as well as hundreds of members in multiple locations.

In 2012 Irene came to the realization that following one’s ‘Joy‘ was the most important thing in life.  With this new information Irene decided that it was time to use her years of coaching, motivation and management to empower people on a personal level: Irene decided to become a Certified Life Coach.

When one follows their Joy, and commits to filling their life with more joy,  no matter how hard life gets there is always a way to break through the barriers that are holding you back.  In other words,  follow your heart and come from a place of joy. To this end she has dedicated herself to share her joy for dance and also to help her students to see life differently, from more empowered viewpoints. It is her core belief that when you see things from a different perspective the fear that can freeze you can be overcome by changing the way you see things.

Irene is excited to be helping people outside her dance class with her life coaching… and helping everyone to live a more joy filled life…

Welcome to the best and happiest ride of your life…